Montag, 21. Juni 2010

Interview with James "Stikman" Ismean!

1.First of all, can you introduce yourself for the people, who don’t know you?

The infamous James "Stikman" Ismean singer of Fury of Five!

2.Most people know you as the frontman of the famous Fury of Five. How it all began with FOF?

We started in 94!A band I was in had just broken up(position of power)and was in the midst of looking to start something new,when Mike Terror from my first band (locked up in life/fof) called me and ask to come check out these two dudes he was jamming with!one who ended up being the great Jay fury and the rest is history!

3.Last Week Fury of Five had a reunion after a long time.How did this happen?

12 yrs was the last time Fury played!but this recent show all happened when Chris (Mushmouth/Boxcutter) and I was on the plane back to the US started politicking about doing Fury!I down played it and said let's do one song!Every man for himself!we both agreed and were down with it. Then about a week or two later he tells me to give him a set list of 6 songs,were doing a Fury Jam with a all star line up on June 12!The East Coast Tsunami Fest!I was like yeah right but he wasn't lying!so all credit goes to him!

4.How many orginial FOF Member stand on the stage last week?And what is about the other origninal member?

I was the only original member!all the others have moved on,had other obligations or straight out hate me!lol!

5.Was it a one time reunion or could the people in europe maybe have the chance to see you on stage again with FOF?

Well this wasn't a reunion!even though it could possible be the stepping stone for further shows!so yes its possible!but nothing definite!if the ECT Fest is any indication on how the band is still loved because that show was incredible!I'm seriously thinking about it but have to weigh out the pro's and con's to see if its really worth it!

6.In March 2010 you was in Europe with Boxcutter. I never believe that I have the chance to see you live on stage. Who asked you and was it difficult to get all boxcuttermember together for a trip to europe?

Ah yes!the BBTG Fest!an other incredible show!Boxcutter's first time in Europe!I think my man Jurgen hooked that up!that show only happened because a few members are in Wisdom in Chains and were on tour at the time!so they flew Chris,Battle and myself for the that show!that's the only thing about boxcutter the members are in all different bands that play out which makes it difficult for us to play shows!

7.What do you think about the Boxcuttergig in Europe?Tell us a little bit about your days in europe,please.

The show was awesome!the crowd response was overwhelming!I couldn't believe it!everybody was dancing and sing along!I didn't know Boxcutter was that popular because we don't play really!definitely one of my top shows of all time that I've played!hopefully we'll be back sometime soon!

8.Can you tell us,how did it start with boxcutter? You can really say it's a ALL STAR Band.

Boxcutter started in late 2000 or early 2001!not sure!but anyway!Rich(krutch/wic) and I got reconnected!we would talk here and there!then one day he hits me up and asked me if I wanted to sing on four tracks they had!now me,coming off a break up of fury didn't want to be compared that!so I had this whole idea of a real gangsta rap metal band and he told me to do what I wanted with the tracks!so I wrote some lyrics and we called the first ep Thug Rock!now were 2 full lengths and possibly a 3rd!will keep y'all posted on that!

9.How do you feel about the hardcore scene today? What changed since you came into it?

The hardcore scene is what it is!I don't pay attention to the scene!I just do what I do!I don't think its any different then the 80's,90's and the now!only the faces change!the music don't really progress to much!its a vicious circle of people who are trying to find an identity in life and who they are!when you live hardcore you don't talk about it!you be about it!

10.What are some of the most memorable gigs for you?

Definitely the ECT fest and BBTG fest!but if I go way back I'd have to say the Dynamo fest,any Asbury Park show Fury played!The Warp tour was other good one!but actually anytime I hit the stage its a good show!as long as the people love it!its all good!

11.When it comes to your roots, what bands and styles in particular have influenced your sound?

Me,myself!I'm a big metal fan!hardcore bands don't move me so much!unless I know the band personally!I'd have to say some of my favs are Sepultura!fear factory,slayer,and suicidal tendencies just to name a few!the new meruader is definitely hard!and a lot of rap!mobb deep,dmx,biggie etc..mold my style of hardness!

12.What's the scene like out in your area at the moment? Are there a lot of newer bands we should keep our eyes out for?

Jer-z is wack right now!violence pretty much killed it!I see a lot of 90's hardcore bands reuniting for shows!but that's about it!I don't know any upcoming bands!so I can't speak on that!

13.What are the future plans for you?a new band? touring?

No really plans!I just take it day by day!I have a life,a son,and responsibilities!I have love for music so anything can happen!especially after the ECT Fest!I see the people still need an angry voice and I'm still filled with hated!so stay tuned because you never know what I may do!

14.Thanks for the interview, anything you would like to add?

Haters keep on hating!you motive me!shout out to all my BFL soldiers!and thanks for interviewing me!can't stop the unstoppable!

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